5th & Oxford: Body Evolution


As you’ll probably know, I have been a huge Tete à Pied/Fleur/5th & Oxford fan from very early on in my SL and I still have their very first skins hidden in the depths of my inventory (thank you CC!). The faces are gorgeous, the make ups impeccable…no smudges or blurs at all and the bodies are smooth and soft. I thought it would be nice to put the 3 most recent skins next to eachother so you can see for yourself what a difference there is between the very popular Vivant skin and the soon to be released Audrey.

Nude pics ahead…so be warned!

Vivant was a wonder of smoothness in a time that photorealism was apparently the only way to go, but not many creators got it right. Allure appealed more to the wish of photorealism,with heavier shading and highlighting. You see that the body as way more definition compared to Vivant. When moving to Audrey there is another bit of definition added, the skin has more contrast over all, and looks more real than ever, without really loosing the smoothness that I like so much.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again… women all over the world will do about anything to have smooth skins, and reduce pores and blemishes… and even apply leg make up to hide stains and capillary veins… so why would you settle in SL for a skin that has all that for the sake of realism?

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  1. I love the first picture, and it’s great to see all three lines directly next to each other!

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