I really don’t know why a naked body, male or female is perceived as offensive on the feeds, and many a mouthie… in the variety of razor blades and pre- or post- use condoms not. It’s probably me being European, and more, raised in a family where nudity was not something to be ashamed of. IDK… and I am rambling anyway, because the main reason I didn’t bother to get dressed in this picture is that any garment would just distract from Hucci’s new d’Ann Exotic pumps. Now, if we’re talking sexy.. forget about my pixels… those shoes… they are Adult rated!!!!

Taxi to Hucci

Let me check this pic one more time before hitting the publish button… nipples… no… crotch… no… yep… PG13 🙂

4 thoughts on “PG-13!!”

  1. Beautiful picture, and excellent point. I think you are correct that Americans tend to be a lot more “offended” by nudity than Europeans. Personally I find pictures involving razors and bruises which imply self-harm or abuse much more disturbing than anybody’s boobs or ass.

  2. I think I really agree with your point. I really find some of these mouthies, not to mention the pasties on the nips and jeans halfway off the butt and whatnot to be way more suggestive and sexual in implication than any simply nude body could be. Beautiful picture too!

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