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Tomorrow they will be finally released, the new series of shoes for Gos Boutique. These are the Mae platform shoes, and gosh… I love these ruffles so much! I think the Mae shoes are my favorite from this massive release.

The shoes and feet are in 1 attachment, so Gos has modeled every foot to match each individual shoe. The attention paid to every detail is seriously awesome. I dare you to cam in in the shoes!

I suppose I should disclose that Gos hired me to do his customer service, so you might think that my view on these shoes is biased, but I just dare you to try them once they are out, and see for yourself. And of course, should you encounter any issues with them, I will do my very best to help you and work with you to find a solution.

Join the Gos Boutique group for first access and 10% discount on all Gos Boutique purchases. Oh… and join now, because a fee will be applied once the shoes have been released!

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