Red Stick Grid Wide Hunt & Newness @ Grapevine

Hey people… there is a red stick hidden in my shop throughout this week with some new stuff. Come and get it. Go the the Red Stick International Animation Festival HQ to pick up your list with participants and gear up for some serious hunting. It’s huge… over 50, shops grid wide, are hiding red stick(s) in their shop with free things. The hunt was supposed to last this weekend only, but since it became so big, and you do have Real Lives too… it will be on all week long.

So while you’re there.. try some of the new poses that I’ve uploaded. The grid has not been exactly stable… so photos will follow through the weekend, but there are some new poses that I am pretty proud of, including some crouches that I made upon request of my friend Carl Crabe that were used in a group photo for the skin fair closing show. As usual, singles are on sale for L$ 65, and the set for L$ 500 (buy it from the “new”prim above the vendor)

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