LeLutka’s Axis HUD

Bento Blog Photography poses

I wish I knew how to do video because LeLutka’s Axis HUD is difficult to demonstrate in pictures alone.

This nifty piece of equipment, with it’s sleek design and masterful scripting lets you pose and adjust  ANY bento head animation/expression anyway you want for photos or just for fun.

I did this face in literally 3 minutes after I first attached it. it took me more time to move all my other HUDs out of the screen for the piccie!

You can save your adjustments in the slots in the lower part of the HUD and move both sides of the face separately or linked. The LeLutka team has writtten a very clear and concise blog on their site, and instead of rambling on on what this HUD all can do for you, I’d rather just link you to it.

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