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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, this awesome some sim, Rouge, with what is likely the last remaining sim wide build by Eshi Otawara, need some love! Codie Redgrave has been able to keep the sim which is home to many, including yours truly, running for over 4 years now, but the tier jar is empty and could use some help from the community.

So there is this weekend full of live music and fun and awesome creators selling stuff with full proceeds going to the Rouge tier fund!

Come party, explore and buy and help Rouge to continue to exist! You’ll find below pose set from me there as well, btw!

Today’s schedule:

Sunday – September 30

1PM-3PM – Alicia Chenaux
3PM-5PM – Dilly Dawes
5PM-7PM – Cajsa Lilliehook – Funk
7PM-9PM – Reya Shanti
9PM-11PM – Kiana Lexenstar

SLURL: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rouge/154/44/21

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