Shark Week or Baby Shower?



Those of you who follow me on Plurk may have noted my random  cravings for dill pickles and chocolate ice cream (combined or not, depending on the time of day and the strength of the craving). Is Graz expecting? Omg, she’s into pixel sex after all??

Well… sorry to disappoint you, but no prim baby is in the making and no annoying talking tummy attachments for this lady, at least, not this month. Maybe next month because i was Arizona pregnant. According to this ridiculous Arizonian Women’s Health and Safety Act a pregnancy now starts 2 weeks prior to conception (first day of last menstruation till ovulation), which will reduce the amount of time a legal abortion can be obtained by women and which is the only raison d’etre for this act. Women’s health and Safety, my ass!

So every Arizonian, sexually active, girl/woman is potentially pregnant every month till the moment she’s in the meno pause. This of course is insane… women can’t be potentially pregnant. You eiter are, or you are not.
You may think I am ridiculing this extremist pro-life act because it will only count when a woman is actually with child. And you are so right!! I totally am! But I feel so deeply sorry for the women in this increasingly hostile to women’s rights and needs country, where a blastocyst is considered more important than the physical AND psychological well being of the woman who happens to carry it for 36-42 more weeks til the little bundle of joy comes into the world.

In my liberal european agnost opinion, the decision whether they want an abortion or not (pro- life and pro choice are such hypocrite words) is up to the woman and (eventually) her SO. The only role of a government in matters like this is to determine a legal outline so that women can safely decide what they want or not want and be assured of competent doctors to give them the support and treament they need.

To sit on God’s chair and determine when life starts is way out of line for any human, and especially for those who have a great respect for His work. A woman who believes will simply decide to try to carry her pregancy full term regardless of the consequences, but  non religious women should have equal opportunities to decide otherwise.

Btw, the awesome maternity dress I’m wearing in the pic above is from Geometry @Fameshed). Hair by Exile and skin by Glam Affair

5 thoughts on “Shark Week or Baby Shower?”

  1. I agree with you that abortion should be the woman’s choice and only hers.

    But those two extra weeks is not something the pro-lifers invented. The 40 weeks of a pregnancy always start at the first day of your last period. When I was pregnant, I was pretty baffled about this as well, but apparently you always get 2 bonus weeks.

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