Things That Make You Go.. OMGWTF!?

Oh no

Last year Linden Lab decided to update some of the default (library) avatars and invited content creators to send in their offers. People like Nylon Pinkney and Sachi Vixen are among the creators who have made these new avatars. It was good to finally see some better noob avatars, after all, it’s not like Second Life is still brand new, but the default avatars were still the first set, I believe.


Unfortunately, ever since, Sachi, and possibly also the other creators of the library avatars, have been receiving messages that residents found ripped content, showing them as the creator. Apparently these  f*ckers ( pardon my French) rippers  use the library material to paste their stolen stuff on, thus covering their identity and at the same time tarnishing the reputation of some of the most appreciated creators around. Sachi often receives messages from people who found  ripped stuff on Xstreet and ask her how come she’s ripping other creators. Well, let me tell you one thing, she’s not, nor are the others!

Linden Lab could easily solve this issue by making the content in the library non transferable. After all, it is available to all of us already, so why does it need to be full perm? Pick it up in the library, it will go to your inventory, and there it should be copy/mod. If you mess up, repeat procedure. Instead, if you want to create something new, then you go to create>new “whatever”> etc etc in your inventory. That way, credit where credit’s due… even if it’s the questionable credit of being listed as the creator of stolen stuff you’re trying to get on the grid! It’s something the creators clearly have not realised at the time they got the assignment, or they would have, without any doubt, asked for a better protection of their names.

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