Carma is the bitch

Oh no

Some people really can’t deal with criticism, feedback, or just simply people not totally fangirling, fawning or fainting at everything they make. Vitabela Dubrovna of Vita’s Boudoir is such a person. I just couldn’t resist sharing below conversation with you. It made me laugh, and then I was shocked at so much divatude in a single person.

[11:27] Vitabela Dubrovna: you are such mediocrity may God help you
[11:28] Grazia Horwitz: excuse me?
[11:28] Grazia Horwitz: do i know you?
[11:28] Vitabela Dubrovna: oh you want to apologise to me?
[11:29] Vitabela Dubrovna: sure i will accept that
[11:29] Grazia Horwitz: i don’t apologise for anything… who are you?
[11:29] Vitabela Dubrovna: seem like you know me well when you write rubbish on your plurk about me
[11:29] Grazia Horwitz: on my plurk??
[11:29] Grazia Horwitz: i have never written about you on my plurk
[11:30] Vitabela Dubrovna: then thers a grazia horwitz 2 maybe?
[11:30] Grazia Horwitz: do you have the guts to share with me who on my private timeline tells you lies about things i don’t write?
[11:30] Grazia Horwitz: oh no, i am pretty sure i am the only one
[11:31] Vitabela Dubrovna: do i have guts?
[11:31] Grazia Horwitz: yes please
[11:31] Vitabela Dubrovna: you ask me this after all you wrote?
[11:31] Grazia Horwitz: because if i write things about you on my plurk, a private timeline, then i would like to know who shared that with you
[11:31] Grazia Horwitz: because darling, i don’t write about you on my timeline
[11:32] Grazia Horwitz: please share with me what i wrote, because i have NO clue what you are talking about
[11:32] Vitabela Dubrovna: its not important where you write
[11:32] Vitabela Dubrovna: i know all
[11:32] Vitabela Dubrovna: and all what i can say is
[11:32] Vitabela Dubrovna: that you are very small soul
[11:32] Vitabela Dubrovna: very jealous one
[11:33] Vitabela Dubrovna: and one more thing
[11:33] Vitabela Dubrovna: carma is the bitch
[11:33] Grazia Horwitz: oooooh… i see what this is about now… i replied to someone’s plruk if your shop was still around. Which i actually confirmed for you.. but i do think that your creations have an awful lot of alpha, which makes it difficult to photograph, and i do like your hats
[11:33] Vitabela Dubrovna: the end
[11:33] Vitabela Dubrovna: nmute
[11:33] Grazia Horwitz: but no worries, i will save you from spending my L$ ever in your shop again

Karma is a bitch indeed.

11 thoughts on “Carma is the bitch”

    1. She’s some chick that owns a boutique in RL and SL. Also one that will never get business from me.

  1. Welcome to why no one critically blogs anymore. Bravo for putting her out there for all to see. Too many shop owners pull their petty little games behind the scenes. They’re exhausting.

  2. Ohai, Salome!!! good to see you’re still around. I wish I had blogged critically, at least I could have understand ticking someone of like that (whether rightfully so or not) but this was a comment on plurk, on a private timeline 🙂

  3. Thank you for taking the time to spam my IM, Tonya. But I prefer people to comment on my blog, if it is about my blogging, so here you go, typos and grammar errors included:

    [22:47] T***W*******: Hi. I am an avid reader of iheartsl. I would like to suggest one thing. Could you possiably keep you’re drama off the syndicated blogs please. It not only makes you look bad, but stops people like me from buying from you. I dont care who does what or who is who. I know that I will not bye from this kind of crap. Again, just a suggestion. No offense. have a wonderful day and keep up the nice work!

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