I’m not a complete idiot…. some pieces are missing

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[UPDATE] Houms Thorn, the owner of HT sent out an update notecard to the quality bloggers they first approached that there has been a miscommunication and that review copies will be involved and that people can post their own content, as long as it remains quality (well, duh).  Unfortunately, for me, it’s a case of anything you say will make it worse. It’s not making their intentions any clearer. So they are trying to copy some of the blogger groups in SL? And still charge their customers for a network of bloggers that they could have easily access to by joining for instance the iheartsl blogger group? Sleek!

Also they mention searching for RL/SL relationships with for instance American Apparel and Armani Exchange… OMG… seriously? Those brands have both been previously in SL and failed big time!  I remember with some evil amusement, the encounter I had with Mr. Armani in SL. I’m pretty sure after that disaster of trying to take SL by storm, he will stay away from SL forever.

Let me end with saying that marketing is all about communication, and that I seriously doubt a “company” which manages to screw up big time their communication around their  introduction with the people they intend to use as their major platform for the promotion of their future customers.


When I logged in this morning to check the overnight offlines, I found a notecard from HT Marketing. HT was already into photography, and decided to branch out to marketing services in SL as well. And as their business model, they have chosen the “blogger chain”. And as a Quality Blogger, I am chosen to be a part of that! *insert little squee with a generous dollop of sarcasm*

Let me quote from the notecard to explain this amazing new concept:

You are now added to our list of weekly bloggers.
What you get:1 High Quality image of only the best new releases in Second Life to post on your blog + a pre-made description.

All you need to do is post the picture from the following link + the description below it in your blog:http://www.flickr.com/etc etc ramble ramble/in/photostream

Once you have done so, please send a NOTECARD containing the link to your posting to Marketing Director so that she can add you to our Exclusive Blogging Group. Our aim is to have more than 200 bloggers, but only “quality” bloggers!
All bloggers in our group have the opportunity to become a “STAR BLOGGER”, which means you will be getting paid for every blog-post that you make through us.Only a select few of the top bloggers will have this position, and it will rotate once a month.


Uhm.. WHAT?

Let me check if I have understood this.

You have added me to your bloggers list…. which I have never asked for, but .. ok… I am vain enough to be somewhat flattered to be part of the select group of more than 200 QB’s of SL.

What do I get from it? Your pictures to post, your text to post AND… the unique possibility to eventually, maybe, be elected to be a STAR blogger for your marketing company and for as much as 1 month being paid for posting your content onto my blog. Now that is truly an amazing incentive. Wake up call: I like taking my own pics, and writing my own stuff… especially because i prefer to have my own opinion/stuff whatever on MY blog over posting prefab advertising any day of the year

I understand what YOU, the marketeer, get out of this… free exposure on (more than) 200 QB’s, your pictures spread virally all over the feed, the content of your clients for the pics you take AND the fee for your services.

Now if I compare what you get from it and what the blogger gets from it… Don’t you agree that it is bit (just a wee, really) off balance?

What’s more… one might wonder how you, the blog- and feed reader, might perceive 200 of the same pics and texts on all the feeds and blogs you follow throughout a week. Already we complain often that it’s always the same stuff we see on the feeds… Imagine how wonderfully uniform  the feeds will be when bloggers will join this concept in the hope ever to get paid for posting other people’s content.

Errr… hmmm… take me off that list now!!



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  1. Yep, I immediately IM’d this person and requested to be taken off her list. I told her my reasons, same as yours, I prefer to do my own pictures and my own writing.

    I’m already know some people will do this of course, as they’re more than happy be be supplied with an image and told what to write.

  2. They want to give you the privilege of spamming all of your readers with their ready made blog post for what exactly?? I don’t think any legit blogger would actually go for this even if it was good pay, which I somehow doubt.

  3. I apologize for any miscommunication,

    The bloggers in our group will receive free/discounted preview items to blog, along with a premade image and description to blog IF they want to.

    We encourage bloggers to make their OWN posts, with their OWN material, IF they want to.

    This is by no means a way to create exposure about my company, but to create a group of bloggers who would be interested in new releases etc.

  4. I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I got it. I think every blogger in SL got the nc. I still don’t really get it after reading the explanatory follow-up.

    Basically free advertising for whatever this may be? On as many blogs as you can talk into it?

    I’m pretty sure any and all “quality” bloggers will turn it down.

  5. I agree that it all seemed very bizarre. I read that notecard through a few times, kept thinking I misunderstood, added it to my post of the morn. Then I got the second note which didn’t explain anything more to my thinking.

    Being a curious gal I wrote a long message back to the company asking very pointed questions about how they planned for this to work. Were review copies part of the process? (the second note mentioned that bloggers could of course post their own content) Were bloggers REQUIRED to post their photos even if the style of the week wasn’t something that worked for them? Etc. You get the idea.

    So far, no reply. It is all so strange, I kept thinking that I must be missing something. As it reads no one would want to participate — even brand new bloggers. It will be interesting to see if I get an answer – LOL.

    Meanwhile we can go on doing our OWN things and be happy that we are.

  6. Chic: I did get to speak to the representative for the bloggers end of that endeavour and to be honest with you to me it all sounds a bit convoluded. It would seem that one person doing advertising for said designers would supply the images/ad copy and in turn approx 200 bloggers would post the ad in their blog. Doesn’t this seem quite redundant? Think about it…200 exact same posts in the SL Rss feeds?!?! nope..not going there.

  7. This is just a very misguided group of rather greedy, lazy people who have no idea what they are talking about. Not and altogether unusual phenomenon and in my view, probably not even worth the expenditure of breath… ink… er typing-finger-tapping to do the analysis of it. Just feeling a bit sorry for them really. And as for Armani and co., I think they could pretty quickly work out that an SL venture was not going to add a great deal of value to their brand. After all, I am still of the view that SL is primarily about hook-ups. Not sure what the stats say on that, it’s just my own view after nearly 5 years in world. Those making some kind of a living out of content creation, I suspect do it much more for the love of it than for either the kudos or the cash. Georgio himself might just get it, but from a corporate number cruncher’s point of view SL has to look like a basket case, surely – unless he/she wants a date 😉

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