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Yesterday, while shopping at The Abyss, my HUD sent me a disturbing message: [22:30] [ HUD ] XXXX (wear Me): Name of Bot: Irascible Monitor – Victim: Grazia Horwitz. Yes, apparently a cryolife user targetted my pixels to be copied. Flattering?  Hmm.. not really. In the meantime this account apparently got deleted already but when I checked the profile of this creature, while I AR’d it made me wonder about a thing or two…

Obviously this was a noob account, created in August 2009, with no payment on file. It was however in the GOL VIP something group, which is not open to the public. So someone with rights in the GOL project groups had to have this avatar admitted to their VIP group. Ignorance or alt?  I’ve left GOL owner Dakota Neumann a message about the copy attack and the AR, because I figure that in a prestigeous project like GOL, with many well known (and often already frustrated with copybot attacks) content creators on their GOL shopping sim,  this would be quite an issue for him. So far I have not heard anything back. Not that I necessarily need to, but it just left me a bit meh to see an avatar like that in such a group and I wonder how Mr Neumann follows up on things, just like I would like to hear opinions of mall and estate owners on how they try to protect content creators who rent on their property.

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  1. You’re aware that these “Copybot detectors” are nothing but a scam right? There is no way for a hud to detect an avatar selecting one of your prims, the only way for even a client to make some sort of determination about this would be to check where the person’s camera is focused, but that would only mean they’re looking at you.

    The only way to detect cryoLife with 100% certainty is to use a bot specifically designed to flush it out by utilizing one of the backdoors in the CryoLife client.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I’m using a HUD which is currently being experimented with, and so far the results are more than satisfactory. It’s not the copybot spam detector thinger that some ppl still have at their shops and which won’t do anything else but annoy the hell out of their customers. Yes, they are known to be a total scam, this one might actually be proven useful.

  3. Why wouldnt an item such as your test HUD be offered as a large scale test rather than just to a select small group?

  4. Because it’s under development, these are the first tests. Before you run a bigger pilot project, it’s always wise to do a test in a more limited environment. The creator wants to make sure first that it does efficiently what they want it to do and that it’s properly protected from hackers.

  5. Scripts can’t tell that someone is copybotting your clothing/attachments. Even a client can’t tell. Please don’t support scammers. :<

  6. I have no clue about the tachnicalities of this, I’m strictly testing it as a user, and as far as I can tell, it’s effectively detecting.

  7. I do have an idea about the technical workings of such a system, and I can say that they will not work. Ever. Especially not with scripts. I just don’t like the idea of more scams popping up over this sort of thing.

  8. I also wonder if the comments would have been different if I had said that I saw a cryolife user at The Abyss, instead of it being detected (because I did see the av in question, it shows when you’re using Emerald viewer) and then noticed it being in a GOL VIP group which is not open for enrollment.

    Because frankly, I don’t really care how people with the ability to rip other people’s content are being detected and eventually stopped,as long as they eventually will be stopped (naive as that may be, call me an optimist and sue me for it) and the passiveness of LL in these issues will make people keep trying to invent methods to stop the abusers, whether effective or not.

    I do think that mall owners, estate owners and such who host honest, hard working content creators on their properties (and are usually making money on that) do have a responsibility towards their renters to protect them from elements that can damage the creators and which the land owner has some control over (ban button). Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not attacking the people behind GOL project here. I have simply noticed this case, and I wonder how (new) accounts like that end up in not just an ordinary update group with open enrollment, but a closed to the public VIP group (implying it’s for good customers, or good friends and such) and assuming that this comes with priveleges, as early access to sales, events and other benefits. I’m just curious if mall- and sim owners have thoughts on this, what they do to protect their renters and such.

    Like I stated before, I don’t have the technical insight to enter a discussion over the effectiveness of the device I’m testing. I can only say what I have noticed. I got a message that this cryolife user got detected, and I saw it in the shop. The HUD picked it up, and the camera showed it. I’m not claiming that the HUD protected me from anything but it made me aware that there was someone around who was using a viewer with a debatable reputation and the ability to copy prims and textures.

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