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It’s that time of year again. Modavia proclaims itself the SL counter part of Mercedes-Benz, which sponsors the NYC fashion week, held in conjunction with Modavia’s fashion week (OK, it is the other way around, but don’t you just LOVE SL marketing and all the blah blah?) and showcases “A broad range of men’s and women’s couture fashion designs”.

Now, we can debate the correct use of couture fashion for anything made in SL… but we won’t… lets just say couture is the translation of extremely well made, exclusive fabrics and elaborate details in SL aka, superb Photoshop skills of the creator, a devious creative mind and awesome prim work. Right… well… this may be the case for some of the participants, but I was astounded to see Anubis Style in the line up of yesterday’s shows.

To me, Anubis Style is one of those Italian brands that, contrary to their RL counter parts, has nothing to do with couture, or fashion design at all. They hit the grid during the big boom, around the same time as brands like Bianca F and Jador, both of similar quality.  I went to Mimi’s Choice, who retails Anubis Style, because I know I would find the best of the collection there, but this is what I found…

No copy, no mod… with a script, but impossible to make it fit all around. If it would cover me on the front, the butt would look like on the pic, and vice versa.  Also, ladies and gentlemen, look at that stunning mess of  uhm… skirt prims, which, and you will have to believe my word on it, when you move will look like a rollercoaster on speed. I don’t often get nervous in SL.. but this skirt did. Oh and motion sick.

Fashion connoisseurs of SL,  the mesh parts and the prims really came out of the same folder, they DO belong together, even if you might think that the creator made a mistake here. And also, look at the lovely seam between the top and the bottom part. I know the mesh is a mess… but that’s why a lot pf people provide the top on the jacket layer as well. The blurriness of the texture of the top is just the finishing touch this outfit needs… or maybe that touch would be the totally random shades which are complimentary with this L$490 outfit.

Buyer beware.. you might be fooled by the lens flare on the vendor, but the dress obviously doesn’t look like that. It’s exactly why I am so weary about photoshopped vendors.

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  1. No surprises here. It’s the same with several of Mimmi’s male franchises: Menlosophy and Sartoria. Photosourced textures, crappy prims and madly photoshopped vendors. Designers who take some time can deal with the issues of blending and merging textures and patterns.

    What’s more interesting is to observe Mimmi as she carries on as if she actually creates something herself. She is a rag merchant with Euro pretensions and the notion that she is SOMEONE.

    People who accept this level of work deserve to look the way they do.

  2. Thats sad, it is hard work to put a fashion event together and even if you only include amazing designers or designers whos best work is up to par, you cant control what they make and whether the items they present will be of the same standard.

    I dont know what happened here so I wont comment, but I will say that I do think of Modavia Fashion week as the most influential of the ‘Fashion Weeks’ and I will be attending the emerging artists show and the House of Fox show this week. x

  3. It is always good to hear constructive critique on many issues that come from people with credentials that back up their statements. The unfortunate thing in your blog here is , you have used vocabulary and phrases that only categorize your article as a cheap shot to proclaim yourself as “ The Critique Of Fashion In SL “ .

    You went on to hit on Modavia by stating they are not good enough to be the equivalent to what MB-NYC –FW, and added a cheap shot at Jador Fashion and Bianca F and Anubis Style and to top the it all to hit the cheapest shot at Mimi’s Choice who brings joy and happiness to a lot of women and men around the grid of SL that will take you a lot of years to do to reach her customer base and fans in secondlife.

    Comparing the Vendor Ad of Goccia and the picture that you put on the blog to compare has no solid foundation to compare, I don’t know if it is you in the picture, I hope it is not. But who ever it is, need to go and do a running exercise of 3 times a week for 6 months routine and go on sever vegetarian diet , if you don’t have the patient for that , then you need to start buying cloth from different stores tailored for big curvy women .

    I hope next time you want to criticize a particular fashion house in secondlife, look at the whole line not just one item out of 100’s and base your judgment accordingly. By the way, I am a model and one of Anubis Style’s Vendor and I wear her line with honor and pride.

  4. Dear Candylicious,

    Thank you so much for all the time you took to write up your comment, it must have taken you a while. Unfortunately you haven’t read that well because I’m not saying that Modavia isn’t good enough to be any equivalent to anything. Just stating the fact that, like the NYC fashion week apparently is called Mercedes-Benz fashion week nowadays, Modavia claims SL fashion week to be theirs.

    My opinion on Jador and Bianca F are no secret, but other than an illustration of the quality of some of the brands that started out at the same time as Anubis Style, they are not relevant here. There are others like Baiastice who have managed to build a rock steady brand with quality clothing. Least of all I’m “hitting” on Mimi. On the contrary, I went to Mimi’s Choice, because she usually picks out the gems of the collections of the brands she retails. I wasn’t looking for the worst, though actually, I’m pretty sure that, had I gone to the main shop, I would have found it.

    On one aspect of your comment, I have to fully agree with you and that is that there is no comparison possible between the vendor pic and my photos. The vendor is way too processed to give ANY fair impression on what the dress looks like. Lets not talk about shapes. Taste is very personal, and in 4 years in SL I’ve come to understand that many people in SL feel the need to make glamazons out of themselves, for whatever reason. I have become smaller and more curvy over time, finding that the clothing of SL’s quality designers fit me better like that. The skirt is still floating around me though, so I really wonder what shape it takes to fill that up.

    And as far as judging a brand by a couple of their designs (because I’ve bought another dress as well, just chose not to blog it.. waste of time and effort) any designer in is as good as the design you try on. And this one objectively is not up to par with the designs usually featured on this blog, nor with most of the Fashion week participants. I’m happy for Anubis Style that you like it though. After all, in SL there is something for anyone.

  5. Candylicious, perhaps you need to take a reading comprehension course as well as some more overpriced “modeling” courses. Nowhere does she bash Modavia or Mimi’s Choice. And before you bash other people’s shapes, take a good hard look at your own. Humans are not 3/4 leg with stumpy arms.

  6. I am a proud Model of Mimi’s Choice and could not agree more with what Candylicious Forster wrote in her comment.
    I too wear and present each outfit whether it is Anubis Style or Jador or any other outfit from this store with pride and honor.
    Especially this dress you are showing is one of my favorite dresses and I could not see anything wrong with it on me.

  7. “….I hope it is not. But who ever it is, need to go and do a running exercise of 3 times a week for 6 months routine and go on sever vegetarian diet , if you don’t have the patient for that , then you need to start buying cloth from different stores tailored for big curvy women .”

    Taking a cheap shot at Grazia much? I hate it when idiots do this, rather than own up to the fact that this brand creates shitty prims, you have to go there, by implying that her shape is too curvy for this prim outfit.

    Clearly from the picture, the prim sits very close to the body and goes straight down instead of having a nice curved shape and being away from the body. I am so glad my avatar’s curvy ass will never fit Modavia properly (or would pay for the overpriced crap).

  8. No one gives a shit about how you proudly wear someone’s outfits. The pictures clearly speak for themselves, there is a massive seam and her ass is sticking out. This isn’t about YOU so stfu and gtfo.

  9. Regardless of the shape of the avatar wearing it, this dress is an embarrassment to the SL “fashion industry.” The alpha cut-out on the bottom of the prims show an obvious lack of Photoshop skills and those skirt prims don’t have a texture that looks even remotely close to the clothing layer it is supposed to be connected to. The photo-sourced detail of the top is mushy, what is that supposed to be? beads? sequins? I can’t tell. There is no “finishing” along the edges of the fabric, and absolutely no shading or highlights to help give the dress shape.

    If a designer wants to limit their customer base by making something no mod that only fits super tall, super skinny avatars that is their business, but actual quality can be evaluated, and this dress fails on every point.

  10. bonjour je suit francaise, je suit dessolée de vous contredire mais je travaille en rl dans la mode, des createur comme Anubis, Jador et d’autre voire presque tous les createurs sur Sl, inspire beaucoup de designer en RL votre petit accident de ne ne pas pouvoir, regler ou modifier des sprim sur sl pour bien ajuster les tenue me deçois beaucoup. Car si vous etes vraiment dans la mode, vous devriez savoir que les petites mains qui sont dans les vrais maisons de couture ne font que sa a longueur de journée d’adjustez les tenue sur des clientes rl qui parfois bien plus mal polie que vous, et pous les revendeurs comme Mimi en rl et SL elle sont tres indispensable et en plus avoir un revendeur qui c’est de quoi elle parle avec pasion ceci est vraiment magnifique. Merci Beaucoup ANUBIS, JADOR etc .. pour vos creation, vous etes devenue avec le temps aussi des Muses pour des createurs RL!

  11. for a French person your French is actually pretty bad… for the non French readers I took the liberty to run your comment through Translate… though it might make even less sense now than before… creators like Anubis Style and Jador are an inspiration to RL creators? PUHLEASE, ma chère!

    “hello I read French, I read dessolée contradict you but I work in rl in fashion, as creator Anubis Jador and indeed almost all other creators of Sl, inspired many designers in RL your little accident does not it should not, regulate or modify sprim on sl for the proper fit held disappoint me greatly. Because if you’re really into fashion, you should know that small hands are in the true fashion houses do that all day long has its Adjusta held on the client rl sometimes much worse than you polite, dust and resellers like Mimi rl and SL it is very essential and most have a dealer that is what she’s talking with pasion this is really beautiful. Many thank you ANUBIS Jador etc. .. your creation, you are now with the time also muses for designers RL!”

    and if the skirt would have been modifiable instead of just having a resize script (which, now that I think of it, makes it even less “couture”that it already was), there would have been less of an issue adjusting the single prims, except for the fact that they are shapeless and will never fit on an avatar’s bum if it’s anything over a size 1.

    Je Vous conseille les courses de l’Alliance Française ( améliorer Votre Français

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