Creator Beware Turns to Buyer Beware

Oh no

Last week I posted about art work from being illegally used in SL, and how using copyrighted work makes content creators look bad who are saying they are protecting IP rights, but obviously don’t protect other people’s rights as fiercely as they do their own.

Well… much to my surprise (or, well.. maybe not even) today I was being made aware of another well known and seasoned content creator, Kenzie Craven, using the very same artwork from in her newest (as in TODAY’s) release.

I’m shocked that, when confronted on Plurk, Kenzie told that, yeah, she would take that shirt down, but that she’s sourcing images from all sort of sites… so likely there is more art work from others in her shop, which is not in the free domain.

Caveat Emptor.

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  1. Well said, all of these fake t-shirt artists should be really:
    1)banned from second life.
    2) All money they got from selling tshirts should be sent to original creators.
    3) original creators should issue a law case against them.

    so the real tshirt artists can start to put our work in SL.

    I so wished if Second Life was a better place without theft, it would be full of real artists 🙁

    On other hand the printed tee art in sl is not bought for how or what the design looks like, it is also for how well the material is rendered.

    The one top left reminds me of the fellow deviant Przemysław’s B_skull which is DD featured in deviantART

  2. In the Plurk Kenzie says, “Plus I haven’t seen LL crack down on the 93843 designers who are still currently making copywritten clothing.”

    Wow…just wow. So I guess it’s just ok since so many other people are taking illegal shortcuts?!


  3. Sadly, stealing is not new news. Over a decade ago (almost two) I had lots of my art and design work stolen from the web and use for profit in the real world. The only difference here and now is that the SL(R) profit is less.

    The only thing designers can do — if they post photos of their art on the web — is to watermark them which looks pretty ugly and indeed ruins the art for the honest viewers as well as those that steal. I ended up doing that. So, I don’t think there is a great answer except of course to stop stealing.

    Best to shop at stores you trust — and that is getting more difficult all the time.

    Good for you to post on this. TY.

  4. Such a disappointing and irresponsible action/reaction, coming from one of the supposed better “creators” in SL.

    Her shop was on my list of places to check out this coming weekend, but now I won’t even bother.

  5. Well, they would be good to import into Second Life…but it’s sad that she charges and makes a minimal profit off of them. Some underpaid Creative professional is getting ripped off (yet again) by an unoriginal person that doesn’t care about respecting their work or buying rights to those images.

  6. How nice of you to post this after she allready took the content down. And of course I’m sure you contacted Threadless and have the rights to act on thier behalf in SL… Right?

    If not, then how are you any better than someone that takes content without permision?

    Either way well done, I’m sure this will bring you lots of hits.

  7. [update] Oh my, Winston… how lovely to see you actually made a blog for this comment…. I suppose I should feel honoured now? 😀

    O hai Winston, yay you for completely missing the point on both posts.
    IP infringement is IP infringement, even when one specific item has been taken down.
    From her statement Kenzie obviously isn’t troubled much by using other people’s work. So yeah… Caveat Emptor… because a lot of buyers DO want to wear original content.

    As for you being worried about my rights to act for Threadless. That’s so heartwarming. Let me reassure you. We’ve been in touch with the original designer, Mr. Melicano, who is the copyright holder (not I like to play to the rules. I wish more people did.

  8. How do you get that “From her statement Kenzie obviously isn’t troubled much by using other people’s work. ” I didn’t read that at all. Perhaps you read or didn’t read too much/enough into what she said. People sometimes don’t come across well in words. Sad this couldn’t have been handled quietly one on one since she removed the item in question and apologized. As for her having done this since she started making clothes….way back in 2004 when a lot of us were newbies…there was much thought on taking images and making tshirts out of them. We didn’t sell that many because there weren’t that many 2Ler’s. Times changed and some of us are a little slower at catching up. 🙂

  9. @ Whispers: “I always photosource my graphics. From all different sites.”
    Especially since Kenzie is not a noob designer, she should know better than using random pics from all different sites. Having done so from the start is no excuse to continue, once you know you might be infringing on other people’s IP, nor is other people doing it. Just because other people steal, doesn’t make it ok for you to do the same, or?

  10. While I don’t agree with what Kenzie did….at the same time I agree with Whispers…this could have and should have been handled privately.

    I would really love to know why certain sl’ers seem hell bent on dragging people through the mud when they make a mistake. Sure if they offend multiple times blog about it but come on, the first time? give the girl a chance to redeem herself. What have you to gain by blogging about this except for gaining more traffic by causing drama?

    Please dont become like the morons over at SCD!

    Really dissapoints me when I read stuff like this 🙁

  11. Kenzie herself says he has been sourcing and still is sourcing from all different sites. While sourcing in itself is not illegal at all, sourcing from sites with copyrighted work is.

    Now I can imagine a noobie creator, not being well informed and all, making this mistake once, and while this doesn’t make it right, yes, you have a point, first time, give ’em a chance to redeem etc etc. But Kenzie is not a noob… she knows how stuff works. And then to use exact the same texture which, not even a week earlier, was revealed to be copyrighted and found on the work of another content creator in SL who didn’t have permission to do so… that is just either really stupid, or incredibly disrespectful of the original artist.

    As far as becoming like the “morons on SCD” that’s your opinion. I fail to see how a post on IP infringement getting a follow up because of what another creator did with the very same copyrighted image from the original post is “dragging people through the mud”. I’m not calling names, unlike you do, so so far about mud dragging/slinging.
    It is my opinion that whomever uses material they don’t hold copyrights or user rights on is disrespectful. That’s all.

  12. Grazia, your blog is nothing like SCD. I think you handled this situation (from the first story about The Plastik to this follow-up story) about as fairly as humanly possible.

    You clearly gave both creators involved the opportunity to tell their side of the story. Neither are new creators, but when confronted with the issue of infringing on a RL artist’s intellectual property one certainly seemed more contrite than the other.

    Of course that’s just my opinion, but you allowed me to form that opinion myself by laying out all the facts as you knew them without interjecting your own opinion. It wasn’t a witch hunt or you having an ulterior motive or having an ax to grind.

    I think it’s refreshing to see things handled this way as opposed to the pot-stirring-for-blog-hits that goes on elsewhere.

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