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It’s weekend! It’s just after noon here and despite sleeping in, I have also already done a ton of laundry, got groceries stacked away in the pantry and I even took a me-time break at the tanning salon. After all, spring is showing the first signs of itself, and I am so pale that my undead brother, the infamous, fabulous Mr. Winter Jefferson would be jealous of my incandesence! Time to subtly get my skin used to some UV then, to avoid me being either ultra pale through July, or red like a freshly cooked lobster after my first hang out on a sunny terrace.

So now I’m back home and ready to share with you some of the pics I have been taking of Lelutka’s new head for the boys, appropriately named Guy. What can I say besides “sigh”. He’s just so pretty! Even with his out of the box straydog default skin (Yes, Straydog provided Guy with a really handsome face in LeLutka’s HUD!).


Guy is set to be released today and I can’t wait to see what y’ all are going to do with him. I mean that facewise, you perverts!!!
LeLutka’s heads retail at 5k, and you get a pretty complete starter package for that amount. Like I mentioned, amazing default skin, 3 really good starter shapes for the face (bulk yourself out to your Mr. Universe heart’s desire, but just for the record, I like my guys lean and mean!) and they have the user-friendliest HUD on the grid. Their scripting is simply unrivaled and the makeup/facial options, as well as the expressions and moods, are simply one of a kind. Sorry to the other brands around, but to beat the quality of LeLutka, you have to really step up your game!

Anyway, I’d say demo your hearts out, and go stalk your favourite skinmakers to show this head some lovin’ It’s really, really worth it!


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