Yesterday's Look (November 8, 2008)


LOTD081108, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Tuli’s new dress is so retro and fun, but it’s also more of a summer dress for me. Yeah, I know… who cares about the weather in SL, but still, there are days that I rather stick with the RL seasons (like when I have a cold). So I didn’t take off Michami‘s black stella pants that I was still wearing from my previous blogpost, and added the leotard top that once was a gift for the visitors of a Paper Couture show and voilà, it’s autumn. The pink Nalah necklace from Luc matches the colours nicely, and the teal dare pumps from Shiny Things are perfect with the belt and the collar. The hair is Armidi‘s The Future Pony, and the skin is Adam ‘n Eve’s Angel.

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