Vintage Fair Preview: Molichino & Belleza

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Skin by Belleza, Gown by Molichino. Click image for more credits

Aaaaah, the early decades of the 20th century… the interbellum, the first serious female emancipation wave. The Roaring Twenties, Flappers, the Charleston, Miss Coco Chanel but also the Prohibition  and then the massive Krach of the financial markets in 1929 followed by the biggest crisis of the 20th century in the 30’s, and the increase of international tension in the run up towards WWII. Not a dull era for sure.

The rich and famous however were not much affected by all of the above, and continued (much like today) their life of leisure and luxury, and especially over here in Europe where the prohibition was not an issue at all, they would enjoy their decadent soirees with grand crus, cognac and other luxury products.

To match the above described time, Molichino has created 2 beautiful gowns for Vintage fair, wearing the Jaci dress here which is sleek and stylish with a lace overlay on a satin base. Belleza will offer some special skins at Vintage Fair, of which thisone is the 30’s make up.

The quick antique look for this pic was achieved by using Since ceased to exist, picmonkey is my fave online photo editor!!

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