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I’m a December child, a Sagittarius and when I was putting on this Valkyrie armour from The Forge, currently available at We <3 RP, I decided to get the Chakra bow from LR weapons at We <3 RP  as well and style with that.

My next stop was at Uber where Erratic has these awesome Valeria Gladiator sandals out. She was a bit late setting up, but it’s worth re-visiting the event to pick them up!!

I’m wearing Tableau Vivant‘s Nyoki hair and Glam Affair‘s Skye skin which is a current Arcade item.

My facial piercings are from the Banrion Faolchu set by House of Darcy, currently at We <3 RP  and my immortal eyes are  made by Ikon.

Since it looked a bit naked at first, I dug up my Letis Rigel combination tatoo, which pretty much was the finishing touch.


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