Rebel's Lumiere Azure Limited Anniversary Gown


Within the community, by now it is probably widely spread what has happened to Rebel Hope and RH Engel. If you have been living under the proverbial rock, you may want to catch up with this post at Shopping Cart Disco. The positive news in this whole ordeal is that for once, Linden Labs has acted promptly and Charlene Linden has immediately banned the offending avatars. The latest news is that LL has removed all copied content from their servers.

I’d like to link to Cajsa’s brilliant post, since right now it’s about bed time for me, and my brain has shut down for the day. I’ll just be pretty and show my most favourite Rebel dress ever. This azure version was a limited for last year’s anniversary and the texture is simply amazing. It sparkles! I also like that it has no provocative belly button deep cleavage. The halter neckline is of a demure classiness which is sexy in its own way. While this blue dress is no longer available, Rebel has released other colours of this dress. I’m wearing 5th & Oxford’s electric long gloves with it. They are currently not in their main shop, however you might find them at their satellites in Rue d’Antibes or Muse. The matching jewelry is from RH Engel.

I’m wearing Dutch Touch’s Mauve in Cream (Violet Blue) and Rose hair in honey from Truth.

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