Puff dress


Mhmm…. Squinternet Larnia from Donna Flora is venturing into mesh! and what a cute little number she has created for a first mesh addition to the creative DF collection! While talking about this Puff dress with Squinty, she told me that she aims to create things in mesh which prior to this wouldn’t work in prim or sculpties, or just wouldn’t look good enough .  And she’s right, I can’t see this shape work with a sculpt. She also informed e that her new, killer computer will arrive late next week, so she’s gearing up for more mesh modeling. Are you as curious as me to see what she’ll come up with next?

  • Hair Oscar by Thora Charron for Lelutka
  • Skin Jewel by Gala Phoenix for Curio
  • Puff dress by Squinternet Larnia for Donna Flora
  • Classic Jeans by Zaara Kohime for Zaara
  • Moxie Summer by Onyx Leshelle for Maitreya

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