Out of This World


Out of this world, that’s what Grollwerk’s Cybernetic Arms are. I’ve been following the creation of these arms via Groll Greggan’s Flickr, and  although I usually am more of a mainstream  girl, I just WANTED these! and look at all the options you have to customize your cybernetic arms with the HUD!

Anyway, I decided to wear the arms with some SLink creations, the blackred leather coat and the amazing black Vixen catsuit (best.latex.ever!) The skin I’m wearing is Bella di Notte’s Lille retro, and I applied a face tattoo that Glam Affair has/had out at The Dressing Room for the extreme eye shadow effect; The hair base is from 99 Elephants and the hair was a 10/10/10 offering from MADesigns.

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Other SLurls are listed here

PS Thank you Veri for providing me with the title of this entry *grins*

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