Mrs Pink


On the rare occasions that Hunain and I go shopping together, we usually end up challenging eachother. Last night, he wanted me to show a suit at Aoharu and he was wondering which one to chose. I dared him to go as far away from his usual beloved black, and pick white, which, being a good sport, he did.  I picked pink, because I bet I’d look hotter in a man’s suit that he would. I’ll leave Hui up to posting his own look with Aoharu’s Elegant Suit, but in the meantime, here’s my take on it.

Skin: Dutch Touch Amber (ebony, basic)
Hair: I Love Olive Maya (black)
Hairbase: Dutch Touch black
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm eyes Gemini 4
Tattoo: HUZ Tats D’jango (faded)

Suit: Aoharu Elegant suit pink (with vest)
Lingerie: Blowpop Yvette pink
Belt: Fleur/5th & Oxford Leather Sash belt (pink)
Shoes: Pixel Mode Jori (baby pink)
Jewelry: Rozoregalia Alludra earring2 and ring

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