Martini Cocktail


Martini Cocktail, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I wanted to do something with the Holiday gift Martini dress which Truth had in the subscribo last week (it’s still there btw, if you have missed it, go to the central hall at Truth Hair, click the kiosk and retrieve it from history. It’s the 2nd archive notice), but I’ve seen it blogged so many times already and in so many cute ways, that it took me a while before I found my way of wearing this pretty little number.

Anyway, what I did was, I rezzed the skirt of Martini and unlinked the prims so I could delete the bow and the waistband and linked the remaining prims back again. then I picked it up again (it then goes into your objects folder, in case you can’t find it in the outfit folder). Then I rezzed the skirt of Paper Couture’s Lush gown (still available on and deleted the opaque red long skirt and relinked the 33 remaining prims and took it back into my inventory as well (objects folder)

So, with the 2 modified skirts, and the top of Truth’s Martini dress, I have created a fun and festive party outfit. Semi formal, and worn here with Bax Coen’s suede purple prestige boots, for a more edgy look. The GORGEOUS “my Butterfly” necklace is from Pacadi Jasha. It’s one of those statement pieces which I love so very much.

I’m wearing Truth’s Anise in cranberry (hair band recoloured) and KA designs Vivienne (pale, make up 1)

Oh, and for the record… this is another mix up with the same dresses:

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