Look of the -Wear Grey for a Day- Day, September 18, 2009


Wear grey for a day is a way to raise awareness for brain cancer, so it’s something I gladly participate in. It’s such an intangible disease and it affects so many people, that the more people are aware , and are willing to support one way or another, is worth the effort since the best way of beating brain cancer is early detection… and for that, people need to know about it.

So, grey is key today, starting with an Armidi base of their Kogo skinny pants and the white Cambridge shirt. On top of it I’m wearing the grey Julian Argyle cardigan from Church of Luxe. Jewelry is the black pearl set from Paper Couture and I honestly don’t know if it’s still available. I’m also wearing Bax Coen’s black prestige boots and Coco’s black leather belt.

Today’s skin is Dutch Touch’s Cleo in Apricot Punk and I’m wearing Truth’s Rose in silver.

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