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LOTD090430, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Happy Queen’s Day, people! There is a lovely orange sun out here and everyone is getting ready for the best day of spring, after the best night of the year. Queen’s day is huge in The Netherlands. Staring on Queen’s Eve on April 29, with people partying all night and then on Queen’s day when the kids mostly take over, selling basically anything they find in their attics and playing ear deafening  lovely tunes on violins that are still a tad too big for their size. Cute really.

Anyway, on this day of national happy, how could I wear anything but orange, which is the family name of our royal family. Tuli Asturias sent out this cute orange jacket to some Dutch last year when the Dutch soccer team was playing in the European Championship and although it’s not available in her shop, it’s perfect for today as well. Under it I’m wearing the striped tank from Emery (The Singer Edition). and BettiePage Voyager’s adorable flared jeans. Orange shoes for today as well, the Dalia pumps from Armidi.

I’m wearing PXL’s Grace natural with Flamenco lips/dark eyes and blond eyebrows, and I put some orange in the pink strands of Truth’s Willow hair.

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  1. i would say happy qday too grazia but as we now know its kinda ending in a disaster 🙁 nevertheless cute outfit

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