Look of the Day, September 8, 2009


LOTD090908, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I just heard on the news that today might be the last real summer day in a while… but I’m in a fall mood already anyway, so while I’ll enjoy the sun today, I can wait for the storms to kick in. I started today’s outfit with the brown Chidori habit cloak from Barerose and teamed it up with ICING’s Femme noir dress, super simple, super classy and one of my all time inventory faves. I dug up Chapeau très Mignon brown fox stole to accesorize, as well as the Paper Couture spring cuff (gems recoloured for a less “spring”look) and fri.day’s brown wide waist belt. The genius peepers from Miel are the finishing touch. Not on the pic, but still part of the outfit, are Blowpop’s 40 dernier brown stockings and Maitreya’s black verve pumps.

I’m wearing Lake Bety pale from &Bean and Adie in black from Mirone. The nailpolish is from Adam ‘n Eve

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