Look of the Day, September 15, 2009


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Usually, when I hear a designer being all enthusiast about their own creation, I’m rather skeptical… after all.. if a creator can’t be happy with their own work, why even bother to release it at all….. but when Shannon Carroll from Coquette blogged her pure elegance dress yesterday and I saw the lace top I was like… mhmmmm… ok… lessee :-). And I absolutely don’t regret the purchase. The lace indeed is yummy, and the asymmetrical, sheer skirt is sexy and classy. The little pearl set also comes with the dress as well as a pair of matching shoes.

Shannon has a special offer… if you pick the dress up on Xstreet, this week and this week only, she includes a special version of her Aurora skin (in 4 skin tones) which well never be separately available in her shop. Now I’m not wearing the skin this time, but believe me, it’s as lovely as the dress with soft pink lips and a hint of blue on the eye lids.

Instead I’m wearing Exodi’s Lily today, Hybrid, which is only available at the Fusion sim and my hair today is Lovesick, from Shag

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