Look of the Day, October 30, 2009

LOTD poses

LOTD091030, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Oh yes,… 50L$ Friday so works for me… I TP to shops… see the 50 L$ Friday goodie… may or may not purchase… and then ooooh… that’s nice… and that too… uh huh… I’m easily manipulated…

I admit… That’s what happened at Oh Mai, where I found this Nina sweater and I also picked up the brown Yoga pants at Surf Couture (as well as the red, yellow and slate 50L$ Friday pants!) and then I combined them with Pig’s Ladies like flowers (eggshell) and fri.day’s grey boybeater. Because I’ve been cold in RL all day, I’m wearing Maitreya’s toeless slouch socks (softs 3) in SL, and I wonder… why does everything look cute in SL? I look horrible in RL when I wear stuff like this, especially when I put on boots like these from Zero Number… and dare to finish it with a heart shaped pendant like the Heartwood necklace from Lucas Lameth. But in SL… I think it’s just a heck of a comfy and cute outfit.

I’m wearing Dutch Touch’s Jolie basic in Cream and Truth’s Aslin in driftwood.

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