Look of the Day, October 27, 2009


LOTD091027, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Hmm… not sure what exactly started this outfit… but I was fascinated with the Boon SLJ 761 short afro hair and it looks kinda hot with the (new skintone) dark coffee Jolie from Dutch Touch, which will be out soon.

I needed something to contrast with the hair and the skin, so I went over to Donna Flora and picked up the Karen set, of which I’m wearing both the blouse and the jacket. Squinternet Larnia, the creator from Donna Flora has made huge progress ever since I first met her, although it still irks me that some of the layering is not the most logical and that some attachments are not having logical perms. For instance, in a skirt, one part should not be only copy and no mod, while other parts are mod and no copy :-(. But anyway… that’s something for another time. The Karen suit is just delicious. Really well drawn, and with nice prim work.

For the pants I went back to the warm chocolate colour of Lelutka’s Kora pants, and to finish it off, I picked Maitreya’s Neyya toe cap buff shoes.

The earrings are *really* old and discontinued Lady hoops from Lucas Lameth, but I love them for their utter simplicity and classic look.

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  1. Thank you for your great review Grazia, it is nice to see you personalize my designs with your outfits. I would just like to clarify any worries you may have with current or previously released items, as you have aluded to the fact that their might have been issues with modification permissions. It has come to my attention that some of my prims were subject to an SL bug that reverts or changes the permissions on rezzed prims, so that they look correct when in inventory but when passed on to the customer some of the permissions appear incorrect. Rest assured that I am happy to provide a customer with replacement prims if they find this to be the case. Additionally, I hope you can understand that while I love to see people enjoying my creations, and mixing them with other items they may own, I design chiefly with the finished outfit in mind and sell at what I think is a very reasonable price point, providing additional layers is not always possible. Best Regards.

  2. Thank you for clarifying the perms issue, Squinternet. The cases where I have met this bug before were involving all the prims in a certain outfit, not one or two.

    On the layering, well, lets just agree to disagree. You are well within your right to provide your garments on any chosen layer, logical or not, and as someone who likes to personalise her outfits, I’m well within mine to regret that well made clothes, do not always come on usable layers for me. I think it would increase brand popularity if it were more flexible, and most people I know who shop a lot and spend a lot of money on SL clothing surely wouldn’t mind to spend a little more for a more versatile product.

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