Look of the Day, November 28, 208


LOTD081128, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I spotted these feathers on an otherwise quite outrageous outfit (Raindraa) at Barerose, and I wanted them. Luckily everything in that place is so convenient that you can actually afford to buy a set for just a feather collar.

I mixed it with the jacket of Paper Couture’s Nightengale outfit (dyed in a rich burgundy to match the feathers) and added the cuffs of the Raindraa outfit as well. Then I hopped over to Maitreya to get Maiiki’s black strapless dress with that gorgeous black patent belt. I really hope GLAM wil be back soon, because everyone should have their metallic tintable tights (free) which are just perfect to wear with a festive little outfit like this. The shoes are among my fave, the Laques from Storm Schmooz. The jewelry is from Muse, Marguerite Peakock feather.

Luth is the sassy short hair style that I’m wearing, from Philotic Energy and the skin is Fleur‘s Allure China Femme Fatale 1.

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