Look of the Day, November 17, 2009



LOTD091117, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

I know I’ve blogged the new dresses from Skin Flicks only days ago, but damn that Mavis MGettigan for having so much cute stuff which I totally love! This Casy Cascade sweater for instance… look at how she has drawn those folds, it really rocks, and the collar of the blouse that goes with it is so pretty. She made a combined attachment of the collars of both blouse and sweater (as well as single collar options) so that it will only use one attachment point. I like it when a designer puts that thought into her work. The Casy trousers are from Skin Flicks as well. It’s a combination of a skirt and a set of trousers. The skirt looks lovely on the vendor, but I had a hard time fitting it this time around. I’m wearing it all with Bax Coen’s brown Prestige boots, Fishy Strawberry’s brown Geisha leather belt and alaMood’s gold Athshe necklace. I just realised something about the belt, which, unconciously, I have noticed before in some Fishy Strawberry designs… it’s very photo compared to some of their other designs and that makes it sometimes hard to combine the items for me.

Like yesterday, I’ve stuck to KA Designs’ Sally skin, because it’s just lovely, and I’m wearing Truth’s Ann in the new champagne blond.

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