Look of the Day, November 14, 2008


LOTD081114, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Red is one of my favourite colours. Anything red puts me in a happy mood. I have had my eyes for quite some time on Dela’s Jape stern boots, for the pretty ribbons, but I always struggled on how to wear them. These are not boots that I like with a cocktail dress, like on display in the Dela shop, so I tried something else. I went over to Aitui and picked up one of his v-neck shirts, and headed back to Dela for the Daisy vest, of which I dyed the red parts darker (edit linked parts) to match the dark red of the boots. The jeans are my faves currently, made by Torrid Midnight for the New School collaboration of TorridWear, Kari and Celestial Studios.
On the accessories’side, I’m wearing the red belt from Shiny Things (also dyed darker), the red Summer Essence bangles from +Plus and the pretty Mraz scarf from Decoy. The hair is ETD‘s Emily in blonde, and the skin is PXL Creation’s Linda with the red lips and glam eyes in the new blonde brows version.

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