Look of the Day: May 8, 2010


Look of the Day: May 8, 2010, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Today’s look is inspired by the beautiful music of the Gotan Project. Traditional tango, but with a modern beat to it. Very catchy, I can listen to it for hours.

I am wearing the black Romani dress from Azul, which is a perfect little number for any tanguera, and the floral attachment is from Donna Flora’s Diletta dress. The black lace border stockings are from Blowpop, and the long gloves, matching perfectly with the red from the flower are from 5th & Oxford. I’m also wearing Pixel Mode’s black Baby T shoes ( I should have fatpacked… over the weeks I have bought so many of them that the fat pack would have been cheaper anyway).

Isis is a skin which will be released sometime soon at Dutch Touch, doesn’t she have a sweet face, after the more edgy looks of Keira and Kiki? Michelle 2 in cranky brown from fri.day is today’s hair of choice and the corsage des fleurs rouges is from Tomoto.

Slurls are listed here, and please click the youtube vid to hear which milonga inspired me for this look

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