Look of the Day, May 29, 2010


I was checking out Lelutka’s new collection today, and therefore this style du jour is mainly about them. I’m wearing the lovely Ornella pants in “perky” with the Nouvelle Top in electric blueberry. Also from Lelutka are my saffron pumps in neutral navy and my skin Lola (light make up 5 and lipstick orange -only for SL2.0-)

The other items I’m wearing are Lamb’s new hair Lost (butterfinger) and Desire, the cropped,all prim sweater from Sweetest Goodbye in khaki as well as alaMood’s Siddean cuff turquoise (shape Lola by /GEEZ/).

SLurls, as usual, are listed here


0 thoughts on “Look of the Day, May 29, 2010”

  1. you should stop editing the photos. I bought thinking it would look like in the picture and is horrible. the texture is off, is not living as in a picture. I feel cheated by you. TY

  2. Grazia is right…the windlight settings you are using make a complete difference in how things are going to look for you, Angelica. I use AnaLu’s OptAvatar Whiter to remove all shadows so I can see skins better, and to make clothing textures look their best.
    Skins and clothing do NOT look the same at default SL settings.

    In my opinion, Grazia’s photos look just like what SL looks like to me, when I have my windlight settings optimized.

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