Look of the Day, May 22, 2010


A bit safari inspired today, I don’t know, maybe because finally the sun is shining here again (and my garden is a mess, worse than a jungle) .

I’m wearing the white Asian shirt from Arai, with the fatigue camo Safari shorts from Casa del Shai. In my Hoorenbeek Lucille boots (coffee) I’m wearing the off white gartered overkneee socks from League.

The Ukuni bracelet and Kizazi necklace are both from Uzuri and the Half Shutter sunglasses from Kalnins, I have stolen from Hunain’s inventory (I think he makes love to these glasses when no one is around, but I kinda have to agree with him, they are among the best glasses on the grid)

Truth’s Sylvia hair from this week’s release is an absolute hit and my skin is a work in progress at PXL Creations. Hart Larsson is still taking make up suggestions.

SLurls are listed here.

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  1. I can’t seem to find Arai. I have looked for the white shirt in the look of the day, but i can’t find Arai anywhere.

  2. Hi Meredith, if you follow the SLurl to Arai which is listed on our SLurl page (https://graziasl.com/slurls/) , you will end up on the doorstep. I have just checked this, and for me it works just fine.

    Mind you, Arai is a shop selling mainly stuff for males, with some items (like the Asian shirt) fitted for women as well.

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