Look of the Day, May 2, 2010


Black is the new black.. especially when it’s denim. Always good for cool and/or stylish looks. Zaara’s classic jeans are currently among my faves. I’m wearing the charcoal ones here, and Aoharu’s black front knot shirt to go with it. Under that I’m wearing Boom’s sheer powder Her Pleasure bandeau top. I could have done without it, but, well… what you don’t show, is often more alluring than what is blatantly out there. The tattoo is not for sale, Hunain made it. I like text tattoos and wouldnt mind seeing more of them. My sneakers are from 2real. I told you the other day that Mandala has new stuff out, this is their Hannya necklace. The ‘Pink Eel sunglasses are from Shade Throne.

I’m wearing fri.day’s Marie in cranky brown, and Dutch Touch’s Maan pastel.

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