Look of the Day, May 14, 2010


Yesterdays was about the jammies, today is about the amazing new Vagabond pants which Toast Bard from Fashionably Dead released earlier today. At first I thought, wow… L$ 250? But then I saw that is for 4 pairs in black, white, grey and brown so that is really an amazing price!

A little after I picked up the trousers, I was talking to Dakota Buck, from Whippet & Buck, how Toast inspires her to create new things and that she wished she could achieve the level of wearability (which does exist in SL, odd as it may seem) that Toast has. But I think that both Dakota and Twiggy are doing a really fine job as far as wearability and creativity goes with their collection, so I’m gladly combining Toasts pants with Whippet & Buck’s turquoise Cole Boatneck top (which was a stumblebum brigade exclusive) as well as their Little Bit of Pretty necklace. Before we parted, Kota passed me the matching bracelet she’s working on and supposedly will be released some time soon.

I like it when Aranel Ah from BOOM ventures in prim stuff. This take it easy tote is very much like the bags I use in RL (and then I curse because I can’t find my keys in the mess) . Love it though!
Lat but not least, the teal Action’s womens Ballet pumpz are elegant because understated with this outfit. There are too little shoes in SL with a lower heel.

I’m still wearing League’s Taylor skin today, and My Protector in warm black from Tiny Bird (50 L$ friday item!!!)

SLurls, as usual, are listed here.

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