Look of the Day, May 14, 2009



Opposites make interesting looks when paired in an outfit. The Cutesy strawberry mini skirt from <3 Cupcakes with the red wrap top from the same brand, mixed with Coco’s midnight denim jacket remind me of what a lot of girls used to wear in high school (mind you, mid 80’s). But most of us back then had girly braids or ponytails, making the outfit just sweet… This time I’ve chosen to wear a more bold look, with KMADD’s Army crop, which was made for male Belezza skins, but I don’t really care about that label, because it’s a perfect match with my hair based PXL skins as well. Speaking of which, I’m wearing the latest beta version of Kim in the tan version and it’s going to be so pretty. 

For acccesoires I stuck to Genesis’ Annah hoops and MiamMiam’s Retro Chic necklace (currently not available)

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