Look of the Day: March 20, 2009

LOTD Oh no

Rant ahead… 


Why don’t I just follow my gut feeling? A loooong time ago I stumbled on a then new shop from a then new designer, and I picked up the cutest looking dress.. only to discover that it was far from flawless, and that the primwork needed to be re-done before I would even consider wearing it… That dress by Indyra Originals has long been deleted, and although I have been looking at her designs on occasion, I have always had this “be careful”  feeling that the vendors cannot be trusted to reflect the quality of the actual design.  Last week at the clothing fair I saw this lovely outfit at her shop: Bourgeois. And that blouse would be perfect to match with numerous outfits…sheer, looking gorgeous… so I bought it. After all, designers develop over time, right? They get better, improving their skills…So I bought it, and I’m wearing it here.  And it does look lovely… or doesn’t it… It does, except for the 2 less sheer “stains” under the arms, that obviously have not been properly cleaned up, and a similar stain on the neck, barely covered by the prim collar.

Anyway… I should make a habit of taking more time to shoot pics for the blog… Had I seen this before logging off from SL… I probably would have changed the blouse in something better, but oh well… I always hear people want flaws to be pointed out.. so here you have one… major… flaw…. Luckily the rest of my outfit is pretty flawless and pristine… like Insolence’s Dolores white bra, like Maitreya’s  Ivory high waist skirt, or, also from Maitreya, the white slinky stilettos. Simple but elegant. Less simple, but simply to die for are Muse’s new Melusine earrings, currently available at  l’Armoire .  Also lovely are the Secretaire glasses from Le Petit Prince.

I’m wearing Tuli’s Nathalie skin, one of the sweetest faces around at the moment and ETD’s Juliana in strawberry.

Check http://slurls.wordpress.com for your TP’s

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