Look of the Day, June 6, 2010


1006, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

During one of my many attempts to downscale my inventory, I came across this dress again. It has been in there since… well.. I think since September 16, 2006, which is the day after I originally rezzed, and it was kinda old back then already. It has survived every inventory cleaning so far though and I think that it still looks pretty amazing after all this time, right?

Chip Midnight was one of the first designers around, and probably, the first ever to make photoreal skins commercially available to SL residents (many still use his templates for skins). I don’t know if he ever logs in these days, my guess is, he doesn’t because his profile still links back to onrez,  but his shop is around still (charter members got a plot of free land for life) . It is like a step back in time, vendors with models in system hair (he actually still sells some textured system hair models!), skins which now look bad, but at some time were top of the bill (do consider the fantasy skins though, they are still wonderful, though to today’s standard, expensive), some clothing that just makes me smile when I look at it because… well, because it’s just so very 2005…. But among all the fossils of SL, there are also a few gems like this dress. If you like SLvintage, Chip’s shop is definitely worth the TP.

Anyway, I am rambling, lets just jump to the credits:

Hair: Kasumi in sand by KIn
Skin: Candy sunkissed (beta) by PXL Creations*
Eyes: Brown green by Fashionably Dead

Dress: Soft Cowled dress by Chip Midnight
Belt: Cinch belt plum by fri.day
Purse: dream.catcher bag in pink, by fri.day
Shoes: Baby T’s in berry by Pixel Mode
Jewelry: Celestial in platinum by alaMood*

Slurls are listed here.

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