Look of the Day, June 3, 2009


LOTD090603, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

From the very first moment that I laid eye upon the plaid textures from Whippet & Buck, I’ve been a total fan of them. The Bardot Tartan Tube dresses are among the favourites in my inventory, and now there are these cute, frilly tops, and I’m vain enough to think Twiggy & Kota named them after me :-P. So I’m wearing the Grazia Frilly top in Electric today, and teamed it up with some work of another of my favourite content creators, Milla Michinaga from Michami. The fuchsia Anoorea skirt and dito Ebba scarf are really cute with W&B’s top. Another item that canbe worn with, wel, almost everything, are the Aidan bangles from Exodi (colour change on touch, and I’ve intensified the colour of the purple and the blue bangle).

I’m wearing ETD‘s Felicity in Cinnamon and the red/freckled beta of PXL‘s Kim (in addition to blonde, brown and black, the natural skintone of Kim will also have a red brow version)

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