Look of the Day, July 2, 2010


Aaaaah… yes… today’s look is about old again, actually, it’s been some time that this skirt and blouse have not been available anymore. It is one of the first things I bought when I first started out in SL, it’s a 2006 item from Mischief, Jackie. Honestly, it still looks pretty!

Janie Marlowe, after having been around forever, with her brand Mischief is going to close her shop and will launch a complete new brand. So no drama, just, after so much time, Janie wants something new and fresh, and a new brand is the way. In the meantime there is still a sale going on on her current collection, so go get some of her lovely outfits before they will disappear forever. I’d like to thank Janie from here, for being such a constant fashion factor in my SL, and I’m looking forward to her new designs!

Like I said, Jackie was discontinued quite some time ago already, but the bag and belt from fri.day are, as well as the champagne Volume necklace from Atelier AM and Maitreya’s verve pumps.
I’m wearing League’s Taylor skin (medium, feline) and Truth’s Roxana in almond.

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