Look of the Day, July 12, 2010


Some days I just feel like posting credits to a look and a link to my slurl page, other days I am more “talkative”. Today is such a day.

With the release of SecondLife beta viewer 2.1 it has become possible to wear multiple clothing layers (up to 5)and the blouse of the same kind. For instance, In this outfit, I am wearing 2 jacket layers. for the top, and the blouse. Now technically I still could have solved this by wearing the shorts on the underwear layer, the tank top on the shirt ánd pants layer and the blouse on the jacket layer, but hey, SL has this silly bug that leaves a gap between the shirt and the pants layer and I hate that, so this is a wonderful solution.

This means that you could also opt for a tattoo hair base and tattoo lashes, and still be able to wear your favorite tattoo beauty mark and lipstick… see the possibilities? Good development I’d say. Now of course there are lots of residents who couldn’t care less and have other wishes for their SL but hey… sometimes even I get lucky!

Hair: Eha’s Megu black ash (hair band colored)
Skin: Dutch Touch XaYa Caramel cute pink
Eyes: SLink Eyescream Flecked Forest
Lashes: Magika Real prim eyelashes (no alpha interference)

Tube top: BOOM Her Pleasure void
Top:BOOM Bodacious hot pink
Blouse: Mr Poet off shoulder white shirt
Shorts: Surf Couture Cafe shorts
Shoes: GOS Espadrilles (various texture possibilities available)

Necklace: U&R Dogs Rigoletto necklace

Slurls are listed here.

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