Look of the Day, January 8, 2010


Pink time!!!! I’m so addicted to Aoharu’s nordic knit items. I’m wearing them a lot, and those fat packs were a good investment this winter. These leggings and scarf are all sorts of cozy.

Atomic’s latest release Swooped has to be put into the same category. cozy, comfy, yet totally cute and even sexy. And yes, the scarf is indispensable, or a girl would catch a chest cold with this kind of weather. It’s still freezing here, and with a strong wind, the chill factor is massive.

But what really started this outfit are Reek’s new Autumn Boots. The fur and the ribbons are texture change, so you can play with the looks of them as much as you want and they are only 250L$! If you’re fast, you can still get the red boots for only 50L$ as part of 50L$ Friday. As I write this it’s 10:45 pm slt, so you could still go get those.

L.Fauna’s Lapine (pale2) Fresh is today’s skin and I’m wearing Sasha in champagne, from the latest release at Truth.

Slurls are listed here.

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