Look of the Day, January 7, 2010


I like the casuals over at Aoharu and I’m eternally grateful for Machang making some of the best stuff for our poor, fashion deprived, guys. But I really LOVE this slightly more formal release, an  (obviously) Chanel inspired tweed dress and jacket. Wearing the brown dress here with the ivory jacket for a little bit of contrast, but it’s über stylish in uni color as well.

I’ve accessorized it with the gossamer necklace from Paper Couture and Miel’s Bella Peepers. I was considering one of Paper Couture’s rings as well, but with Mademoiselle Coco’s golden rule in mind… I didn’t go for it.

Exile’s Eva is a gorgeous Grace Kelly like updo with a modern twist, and is just perfect for today’s look. And well, I’m currently still infatuated with L.Fauna’s Lapine, so I’m wearing pale 2 Mystic with freckles today.

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