Look of the Day, January 6, 2010


Did you guys know that Ryker Beck is having a MASSIVE everything 50% off sale at Exodi?? She’s moving to the UK later this month, but her cats can’t go with her, and so she is having this sale to make money to get “her girls” shipped to a dear friend across the country who has offered to adopt both of them! That being said, how could I NOT wear her latest skin Sienna (cachet, gingerbread) for today’s look! Go show some cat love and drop off a few L$ is you can spare them.

I’m also wearing Bubbles Clawtooth’s newest release LoveMoMo in Orange you glad. It’s such a fun and quirky do… I just might have to go back to get it in other colours as well. The Analu earrings are from Exodi again. They are scripted, so you can match them with a lot of stuff from your inventory.

It’s still friggin’cold over here, so while I’m thinking about spring already, I can’t get myself to dress up in other stuff than comfy cardigans and sweaters. Today’s I’m wearing Madsy’s Ivory rib front cardigan and Atomic Cozi Cardi in dirt. Zaara’s classic indigo jeans are among my favourite items in my inventory. The scarf is Taylor, from Artilleri.

Not shown, but just to complete, I’m wearing J’s long round boots in brown with this outfit.

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  1. I’m kind of upset with the news of the 50% off sale… I bought a skin from there for 1000L a couple of days back after discovering the skin on your blog…

    I went back and was kinda sad. lmao
    I couldn’t wait because I had the money right then and if I didn’t spend it then, I’d never get the skin.


    but it’s still really cute.

    I’m not so upset because I heard about the sad cat story… and omg.. I am such a sucker for cats and kittens… having about 3 of them myself… I like them alot. lol I hoped the full spice I paid would help them c:

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