Look of the Day, January 4, 2010


Yup… it’s a blue Monday. I’ve been on vacation for 2 weeks and I’m NOT looking forward to getting back, and facing an exploded mailbox and ditto desk. On top of that, it’s unusually cold and… oh well. Let’s just get over with it, right?

If I had this sweater in RL to put on, I’d at least be sure to be warm enough, and cute as well. It’s from So Many Styles, appropriately names Winter Sweater, and it also comes with a cute flower on the collar (if you like cute flowers on collars that is, but personally I’m not such a fan).

A few months ago BOOM released these Seaman pants in a couple of good colours. They are low waist, so for me they are not very easy to combine because I’m not a huge fan of exposed bellies (especially in wintertime… but… does that really matter in SL?) , but with this sweater it works fine.

The Blue Verve pumps from Maitreya are a perfect and elegant touch to this outfit. Had I known how much I’d grow to love these, I would have bought the fat pack right from the start.

I’m wearing Hair Oh’s Oh my Julia in strawberry gold today and L. Fauna’s Lapine (pale 2) fresh (fr).

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