Look of the Day, January 31, 2009


LOTD090131, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Quick ‘n dirty, because RL is so good today….
I’m wearing Paper Couture’s Parakeet with Digit Darkes’ black Dictator shrug, and Michami’s black leggings from the Ida outfit. The sculpted socks are from Maitreya, and the yellow Dahlia pumps are from Armidi. The earrings are from Viva La Glam (currently closed).

I usually don’t give credit on the eyes I’m wearing, I guess that is because I almost exclusively use Miriel’s, but it’s nice to mention that every now and then. Efe, the dark skin by PXL Creations just won’t come off, and will be released later in February.

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  1. Me too, I keep buying them, but somehow I just always pick Miriel’s, although I admit, I’ve had a period that Glanz were my eyes of choice. They are beautiful!

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