Look of the Day, January 21, 2010


Today I’m wearing Baiastice’s mono color grey tweed pants I don’t wear this brand often, I’m always having issues with their prim work and “busy” looking textures, but when it’s good… it’s really good! I’m combining the tweed with Michami’s fuchsia Maisie sweater and Madsy’s black fur gilet.

This cute colorful scarf is from Zeery’s and I found it during one of my trips to Rue d’Antibes. I used to have my little shop on that sim, and I still like goiing there. Bax purple suede Prestige boots make the finishing touch to this outfit.

I’m wearing Gwen from Dutch Touch Cream Breeze and Maitreya’s ash Sasha hair (Haiti relief fundraiser). I have tinted the hat a bit to match the sweater. I don’t wear prim nails often, but once fitted these pretties from SLink, they just really look good!

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  1. Hi Grazia, I don’t receive often requests for assistance to fit prims and for this reason I don’t have a customer service, but when it happens I’m always happy to help, so if you have problems next time just let me know.

  2. Hey Sissy, thanks for your kind offer, butit’s not so much the fitting of prims… I like to think I’m pretty proficient with that, but when there is a lot of alpha, and a lot of your designs have that, I often don’t like the look of it and how it interferes with my environment.

    (not that I would be patient enough to wait for a creator to be online and help… if i see something nice like these pants, I want to be able to wear it right away) 😉

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