Look of the Day, January 19, 2009


LOTD090119, originally uploaded by Grazia Horwitz.

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean a girl can’t wear a party dress anymore, right? So when I was over at Ibizzarre the other day, I bought me this cute silver sequined number. The gorgeous sheer voile scarf is part of the outfit so that was an easy pic. INstead of the prim belt that comes with the dress, and wich, to my surprise, is not textured at all. But the patent belt form Fleur on the jacket layer is a perfect alternative for the prim belt. the leggings are Xanadu, from Truth. The gloves are from Fleur again and the shoes are Maitreya’s Verve, in black.

The eyes I’m wearing here are cute. They are from Slab and they are tintable! But not like the dull tintable default eyes, these have a nice glimmer to it, and a good size pupil. The skin is Chai doubleshot Nude 02 and the hair is from MadDesigns, and I would like to ask you for opinions, because I bought it and I thought it was cute, but the longer I am wearing it, the less sure I am I like it. The prims lack “flow”, and I’m not sure I’m a fan of the big sculptie that makes the base. So, yeah, what do you think?

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