Look of the Day, January 16, 2010


Pretty ballerina dancing the day away…. Why is it that, when Paper Couture releases their semestral/annual collection, hoards of crazed fashionistas crash Tableau, but when the individual creators on their main avies bring out new stuff, this goes by relatively unnoticed? It must be the roleplay surrounding the Lu sisters in the past, or our deep longing to own stuff from the RL runways at least in SL, since most of us won’t ever be able to afford the designs of couturiers like Dior, Delacroix or Lanvin in RL… but anyway, that aside, I was at Nylon Outfitters yesterday and noticed that Nylon Pinkney has the cutest new stuff out.

I’m wearing her Inner Ballerina tutu skirt, with the also newly released Crochet lacyey wrap and matched it with Tres Blah’s blueberry pinned flower cami and Michami’s plum Maisie leggings. The ballerina pointes are from Bare Rose.

To contrast with all this girly, frilly romantic stuff, I’ve picked alaMood’s Brea toxic set, with a really toxic lime pendant ( I love the combination of purple and lime… don’t ask me why, but I do). My skin is another preview of 5th & Oxford’s Brooke skin (subtle series) and I’m wearing Truth’s Audrey and slightly adjusted the colour of the hair band to match the rest of the outfit. Request to all the hair creators who, like Truth, use texture change accesoires… please add a fairly neutral white or grey texture too, so that us fashion victims can adjust the colour to our outfits more easily.

SLurls can be found here as usual.

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